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Comparing our service to cheap alternatives

CVs are not like drumsticks. If you want to buy drumsticks you can shop online, compare products like-for-like and make a decision.

Conversely, CVs and the companies and writers who produce them vary greatly. Many “professional” companies draw from a pool of freelancers of unknown origin, qualifications and talent to do little more than rehash your CV to their format. It tends not to be skilled work, which is why they can do it quickly.

If you just want the cheapest CV then you won’t find it here.

If you want the best CV on the other hand, then read on…

The difference

You can’t compare our CVs with the CVs that other firms produce like-for-like. It’s impossible. It’s akin to comparing off-the-peg market trousers and jacket with a tailor-made Savile Row suit. They are two, very different versions of what some people mistakenly perceive to be the same thing.

But they are not the same. Far from it!

Just as you will make a better impression at interview if you are immaculately dressed, a top-quality CV will open far more doors for you than anything inferior. If anything, inferior CVs close doors, not open them.

Typical differences

There are huge differences between typical “professional” CVs and one of our top-quality CVs.

We regularly fix the CVs of clients who went to other firms initially.

We frequently make dramatic improvements on many fronts including most or all of the following;

 - We improve the length of typical “professional” CVs by saying more but in fewer words
 - We reduce the clutter
 - We make it more legible
 - We make it more relevant for your target
 - We correct the (usually numerous) grammatical errors
 - We improve the wording and phrasing to make it read better
 - We improve the flow of the text
 - We improve the presentation
 - We enhance first impressions
 - We substantiate your sales message
 - We focus your central messaging
 - We make it more engaging
 - We make it more enticing for employers
 - We address ATS
 - We optimise it properly (and by hand)
 - We improve vertical words-to-space ratios
 - We improve horizontal words-to-space ratios
 - And usually much more too…

Saving money

Some people think they will save money by applying for competitive jobs with a budget CV.
It’s usually only weeks or months later when they keep getting rejected for jobs that they could otherwise have landed that the penny finally drops!

If you go down the budget CV route, then if you want to accurately weigh up the costs then you should not only consider the original cost of your initial budget CV, but also the cost of the time and effort applying to more jobs as well as the cost of missing out on good jobs.

On top of this many people who go down the budget route initially end up paying a better-quality firm for a proper CV once they realise that the budget one isn’t getting them anywhere. As such, in addition to wasting time and missing out on jobs, budget customers often end up paying twice!

Career investment

Our reputation is such that discerning clients come to us from all around the world; many via recommendations.

We don’t just claim to be able to improve any other professional CV, but uniquely, we go as far to guarantee it!

It’s a hugely significant point that bizarrely that people who opt for inferior budget products don’t quite grasp.

You get what you pay for, and budget CVs frequently prove to be a false economy.

Clients see our CVs, on the other hand as career investments that can quickly pay for themselves.

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