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CV books are pretty much all the same – with the odd very rare exception that is!

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Typical CV books

If you actually take the time to read and compare CV books then you may be surprised when you find that most of them effectively just regurgitate the same information. They tend to cover the same points, give pretty much the same tips, and even give very similar examples. Typical CV books also tend to elaborate on the same myths, advocate the same counter-productive flaws, and channel readers the same dead-ends.

Notably, there are some striking paradoxes in standard CV books. For example, it is somewhat ironic that most CV book authors extol the virtues of one page CVs and writing concisely and in an engaging manner, yet tend not to practice what they preach. For example, most CV books are written in a very plain, padded-out and unengaging manner and include CV examples or templates that are generally two or more pages in length.

Another noticeable observation is that standard curriculum vitae books rarely (if ever) say anything new.

Not only that, but as mentioned, some of the things they do say is actually flawed, and can be damaging if you follow their advice.

‘The One Page CV’ book contents

Traditional CV writing methodology and practices have been around for decades, but in today’s modern world they are outdated. However, the vast majority of CV companies and CV books still cling onto techniques that became dated even before the turn of the current century and millennium.

Rather than send readers on the same old goose chase, amongst other things The One Page CV also exposes numerous potentially harmful CV myths and alerts readers to pitfalls that other CV books seemingly encourage you to fall into. This includes incisive information and advice on CV templates, examples, length and many other aspects of CV writing including first impressions, objectives, qualifications, company information, ‘wow factors’, personality and lots more besides.

The content in our book, The One Page CV is not only fresh, but it also introduces radical new concepts and illustrates better CV writing methods – methods that have been specially developed in-house, and which are tried and tested in the competitive job market. Notably, these methods are not derived and simply recycled from aged and ineffective traditional techniques, but on the contrary, have their roots in modern day sales and marketing techniques.

The book has also been written in a style that is more entertaining and engaging than other books in the genre, and it has also been especially developed in such a way as to make it easier for readers to follow, and to actually improve their own CV – step-by-step – with expert advice about not only what to do, but also how to do it and why it makes sense to do this. This last point is particularly significant because most other books in the genre tend to effectively tell the reader to ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ without actually explaining the logic and rationale behind the advice (although sometimes there is no logic to some of their suggestions!). In The One Page CV, you will be able to see the difference, and see the wisdom in every bit of advice offered. It’s not a dictatorial ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ book, but more of a book which gives the readers more insights, more explanations and a lot more food for thought; empowering readers so that they can come to conclusions themselves, and then if they decide to follow the advice then the book gives them the tools and means to improve their own CV themselves.

Sceptical by any chance?

The publishers were sceptical too initially, after all it is a radical leap from standard/traditional CV Books.

However, the publishers soon bought into the pioneering advice and groundbreaking methods once they had a chance to read the book draft and discover that it was not only all based on research, logic, and rationale (with actual examples to illustrate and clearly back up key points) but that importantly, the methods highlighted in the book are not just theoretical methods, but are tried and tested to achieve better results in the competitive job market than typical CV writing methodology.

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