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Not everything is as it seems when it comes to templates – so be careful!

CV Templates

CV templates are used primarily by students/graduates/new job entrants rather than long-standing career professionals and managers, and are effectively documents that you can use to basically fill in the gaps and complete your CV. They come in all shapes and sizes, and some are far better than others. One significant thing that is frequently ignored and misunderstood is the fact that just because a template is presentable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to do the job of presenting your case as a whole (please see one of the preceding help topics). Some templates look good on the surface, but just remember that the CV is like a carefully balanced jigsaw puzzle, and you really need all the pieces slotting together in harmony if you want the best results. Some templates look the part on the surface but just don’t allow you to slot the other pieces together properly when it comes to creating your CV.

There is more to CV templates than meets the eye. For more information please read the CV templates section of our pioneering CV book as this is covered in more detail there.

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