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The Perfect CV

It would be great to just announce that there is such a thing as an all-serves one, multipurpose perfect CV, and decree that we have a magic wand that can create one for you in an instant. However, no such thing exists, and we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. So with that in mind we have elaborated on the concept of “the perfect CV” myth as well as detailing how we can help you create the perfect CV for you (a subtle but important difference) below…

The Perfect CV Myth

Some people are under the impression that there is an all-serves one, multipurpose CV that can help you land any job that you apply for. There is only one problem with this assertion; namely that it is complete nonsense!

Even if your CV is absolutely perfect for one application, then pretty much by default it’s not perfect for the next one. This is because each job you apply for this is different, and different employers look for different things. If you consider your CV as the potential key to opening the door of a bright new career then this is an appropriate metaphor. Notably, it is also an attainable goal. Just as you can open different doors with a bunch of different keys, you can also land a variety of different jobs with your curriculum vitae – if you take a flexible approach.

It helps if you can step back and get some perspective. Just as in real life, different doors require different keys, and the key that opens one door may not be the right key for the next one.

Often it is a matter of horses for courses.

No matter what anyone else will tell you, it is not reasonable, logical or practical to expect exactly the same CV to open each and every door.

You need to remember is that if you want your job applications to be successful.

So is there such a thing as a perfect CV?

Yes and no!

A perfect ‘all-serves one, multipurpose CV’ is pretty much a contradiction in terms, and is a fallacy. A perfect “static” CV doesn’t exist. On your hand, it is possible for you to apply for jobs with the perfect CV for you each and every time.

As mentioned, it is not quite the same thing, and is a very significant difference. Yes, it is possible for you to have your perfect CV, but by necessity it will need to be a dynamic one, not a static one.

How do you do create the perfect CV for you?

The only way to do this is to take a flexible, horses for courses approach, and amend your CV depending upon your circumstances, your abilities, your experience, your goals and your target.

It’s more fiddly and time consuming than just using the same static CV for every application. However, if you do it right it can be (and usually is) far more successful. Importantly, if you are targeting similar jobs, then it is usually a matter of tweaking to your base CV rather than more wholesale/radical changes. Tweaking your ideal base CV is certainly not impossible, and a great many people do this very successfully time and again as they climb the career ladder.

Conversely, people who use a static CV that they falsely believe to be perfect for every single job application tend to just stagnate on the same career rung!

If you have been applying for jobs with the same CV and failing with your applications then this isn’t too surprising.

How can we help you?

In short, by creating the perfect base CV for you. This in itself is far easier said than done and no mean feat. However, it is our area of specialism, and we can help you like no other company.

Your consultant (a top UK CV writing specialist) can advise and guide you every step of the way, liaising with you 1-to1 to create a top quality CV that is in line with your own individual circumstances, experience, requirements and job/career targets.

It is a very bespoke service that we offer, and all tailored towards helping you personally achieve your own personal goals.

The CVs we produce are designed so that they can easily be edited/tweaked for different applications, and we can even guide and advise you on the best way to do this. Most clients find this relatively straightforward and make any adjustments themselves, although some clients do engage us to do this for them. Whatever your preference, we can create the best base CV you will find anywhere.

A perfect all-serves one, multipurpose CV may not exist, but it is possible to dramatically improve your job prospects by creating the perfect ‘dynamic’ CV for you.

We have been doing just that for clients for years- and like no one else!

We can help you too.


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