LinkedIn Guide – Making Contacts (Part One)

Making contacts in LinkedIn is a bit of a two-way thing – or it should be if you want to make the most of it.

The first part involves you, actively looking for contacts in your target area (geographical and career sector). A good start is to simply begin by adding people you know to your list of contacts. Things start to snowball when you also start to hook up to the contacts of your own friends and colleagues. LinkedIn has a facility to allow you to read people’s profiles and contact them. Most people would agree that it’s a lot easier than professional networking in the traditional manner. In addition to this you can also join a wide range of groups in your sector. For example, there are groups for academics, artists, teachers and most professions. These are another good place to start if you want to build up and expand your network portfolio.

In addition to this, LinkedIn also advertises a wide variety of jobs in different sectors.

How can LinkedIn help you? making contacts part 2